New Book Release in Germany – Forever Rabbit Hayes

Follow up to Rabbit Hayes, ‘Forever Rabbit Hayes’ to be released in Germany. Release date: 18.06.2019

41-year-old Mia Hayes, known as Rabbit, dies of cancer. She leaves a big gap in the lives of her parents, her siblings, her best friend – and especially the 12-year-old daughter Juliet. Rabbit’s mother loses her unshakable faith and almost the love of her husband. David, Rabbit’s brother, has to cope with the imposed father role, because Juliet now lives with him. Grace, Rabbit’s sister, finds out that there is a danger of contracting her, too – which allows her to resort to drastic measures. And Juliet could use her mother more than ever: she fell in love for the first time in her life.

Forever Rabbit Hayes

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